Warthog Dust Shield

Warthog Dust Shields by Okona are an easy solution to protect the Warthog joystick gimbal from dust and debris.


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The stock Warthog joystick has an open top enclosure design that allows it to ingest dust and debris, accelerating its tendency to need to be opened up and regreased periodically. A simple dust shield can mitigate most of the cumulative buildup however and are hard to see when they are in place.

The polyester disc has a slit in it and just slips over the shaft at the top of the base, and although only .012″ (.3mm) thick mylar is incredibly tough.

Made in U.S.A


– 1x Warthog Dust Shield disc

Joystick is not included, it is only shown for demonstration purposes.


The item will be shipped within 5 business days.