Swivel and Quick Release Adapter

Ball bearing set to allow the Chair Mounts to swivel out of the way.


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The Chair Mount is connected with two axial ball bearings and 2 levers. This allows the mount to be quickly turned out of the way or disconnected from the chair without any tools.

A solution for a quick change from a keyboard/mouse to a cockpit setup or usual office work.

With the two levers the mount can be disconnected from the chair in a few seconds.


The Swivel and Quick Release Adapter is compatible with all Chair Mounts.

One adapter is required per mount.


  • 1x pressure plate with bearing socket
  • 2x axial ball bearing
  • 2x hand lever

Chair Mounts, joystick or throttle systems are not included, they are only shown for demonstration purposes.


We always try to improve our construction, the finished product can be slightly different to the videos and images.