Mouse Extension for Chair Mount

Mouse Extension for Chair Mounts for perfect positioning of a mouse and keypad beside a joystick or throttle.

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The Mouse Extension for Chair Mount allows for optimal positioning of a mouse or keypad besides a HOTAS system.

Especially for games like Star Citizen or similar, where you quickly need to switch between a joystick and throttle and keyboard and mouse control setup, a correct mouse position is very important. Only that makes it possible to switch between the two control methods without any delay.


The Mouse Extension is seamlessly adjustable in height. The perfect position is aligned with the hand grip on the joystick handle.

The plate can also be attached on the left, to make left hand mouses compatible as well as gaming keypads.


  • 1x Mouse Extension Frame
  • 1x Mouse Extension Composit Plate (useable for left or right)

For assembly and setup a hex key set with ball head is required. (not included)

Chair, mouse joystick or throttle systems are not included, they are only shown for demonstration purposes.

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